Cold process soap making utilizes a process called saponification to render oils & sodium hydroxide (lye) into salt & glycerin. Commonly oils of olive, coconut & palm are used, as well as shea butter for greater moisturizing. The mixture of oils, colours, scents & additives can customize the character of the soap in infinite ways.

Artisan soap is gentle for dry, sensitive skin & by nature a simpler soap than commercial products by eliminating mystery ingredients like petroleum & preservatives.


Your might not be wanting to escape to the Beautiful Airbnb Suite Accommodation of the Queenfisher - The Sapphire Suite, But are you interested in learning the art of cold process soap making? This soap making class is the one for you. Learn how to make soap. Blend a selection of palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil together to create a nicely balanced bar of natural soap with just the right amount of lather and natural moisturizers. You can add natural colouring agents and a personalized combination of essential oils to give your homemade soap a unique scent or follow one of the suggested blends. All supplies are included in the class. You will produce 9 bars homemade soap to give as gifts or keep for yourself.


The homemade soap making class is about two and a half hours long. The cost is $40/person. All supplies are included in the cost. Each class needs a minimum of 9 people to run. The maximum number in one class is 12. You are responsible for co-coordinating the minimum number of students. Once you have your participants together contact Robert to schedule a time for your class.


The homemade soap you make will be poured into a mold to set for 24 hours. There is a bit of finessing during this stage so you don't get to bring your product home that night. You can pick it up 2 days later. It will be in a log shape 3.25x2.25x9 which can easily be cut into 9 individual bars. The soap will need to cure for 1 month before use. Trading bars with your classmates is a great way to add variety to your homemade soap collection.