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The Queenfisher is a multi-faceted jewel of serenity and healing opportunities. Consider enrolling in one of our classes to build community or for personal growth. We offer a variety of services and options for involvement.









3 Night Rejuvination Weekend

2 Full Days of Restoration

4-10 Participants

Accommodations: Queen or Double room (shared bathroom)

Queen Suite with private bathroom (additional $100)

Meals Included: Brunch, Snacks and Dinner

Individual price $600 or Double occupancy $800

The focus of Queenfisher Retreats is that of quiet, calm introspection. Observing silence is highly encouraged, though it is not mandatory. The distractions of digital media will be left behind and allow you to turn your attention inward. Each weekend will commence with an opening circle to build an atmosphere of trust and respect amongst participants. The days will present opportunity for meditation, mindfulness, restorative exercises, leisure activities, detoxifying massage, as well as personal and community growth activities. Wholesome meals will be provided along with other nourishment to support your health. The beautiful setting, organic gardens, calming ocean view and restorative therapies aim to help participants appreciate the gifts of their present, wholeheartedly. 

The most current dates for retreats can be found through our newsletter and social media channels. Please find us on facebook and instagram or join our email list via the contact form.

MAY 15-18

Mudra Meditation


A quiet time for personal growth and healing. Let go of life's distractions and look inside to find what matters most to you.





Artisan Soap

Cold process soap making utilizes a process called saponification to render oils & sodium hydroxide (lye) into salt & glycerin. Commonly oils of olive, coconut & palm are used, as well as shea butter for greater moisturizing. The mixture of oils, colours, scents & additives can customize the character of the soap in infinite ways.

Artisan soap is gentle for dry, sensitive skin & by nature a simpler soap than commercial products by eliminating mystery ingredients like petroleum & preservatives.

Soap Classes

Coordinate a group of 9-12 people to start a soap making class, then contact us to schedule a time for your class. 


The soap making class is about two and a half hours long. The cost is $40/person. All supplies are included; base oils, essential oils, colour, lye, base oils. Each person will create a single log of soap that will be ready for pick up two days later. Each log is equivalent to 9 bars of soap. Feel free to trade bars with other members of your group to have variety.

Individual bars of soap are available for purchase in the wellness clinic.

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Enjoy health care that feels good in a serene oceanside setting. Therapeutic and relaxation treatments aimed to bring greater ease and comfort to your body and mind. Bryan has post graduate training in the lymphatic massage, a subtle technique that may mobilize fluid, assist detoxification and promote cellular health.


I have never met a nervous system that did not have the potential for change! Neuroplasticity exists in all of us. Our system is listening and learning every moment of every day. Sometimes it learns bad habits, sometimes it can be guided through challenge to learn a movement that brings back efficiency.

Through refined postural control and exquisite selective movement we navigate our lives taking for granted the infinite complexity of any movement. With injury and disease we are forced to listen, to be aware, and to demand for each moment a better way,,, a more  efficient way.

Never give up demanding more...


Learn strategies for peace of mind and reduce anxiety. Mindfulness is a way to acknowledge the stress of the world and still give yourself an opportunity not to get swept away by it. The pillars of self compassion and responsibility attribution support this holistic practice, helping to calm the nervous system and increase coping capacity.

Classes run in 6-week blocks thru fall, winter and spring.